Sunday, 3 March 2013

A day out at Hobbledown

On Sunday 3rd March, despite the cold weather and near white-out we decided to head to Hobbledown with the Weschtas, Coopers and Venters. Its a beautifully themed playworld and farm, based on the book Hobbledown, and the kids absolutely loved it!

The entire park is beautifully presented and is designed both cleverly and tastefully. There are quite a few outdoor play areas, each one unique in its own hobbitesque way. To name a few there are arial turrets and tunnels, a large sand play mining area, a quirky winky wonky village area, massive bouncing pillows, a swinging caldron and a play maze. I found the adults enjoying themselves as much as the kids, Roz and I even went into the arial tunnels and survived to tell the tale ;)

View from within the tunnel

James makes his way to the highest turret

Tamara having fun

The Giant Swinging Caldron is the coolest swing ive seen!

Chloe in the wonky world village

Brrrr... snowsuits are out in full force!!

The giant bouncy pillows, great fun!
The indoor area is huge, and i was expecting it to be just like any other tacky, claustrophobic soft play centre but the mystical hobbler theme continues inside. The restaurant is fab with mainly healthy reasonably priced meal options for everyone. 

Back outside the animals are as unique and unusual as the play areas. From this all theres no denying that I recommend this one as a great day out with kids!!

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