Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Magic of Snow

Its just a little frozen water, but when the white stuff arrives in the UK, a magical winter wonderland descends upon us and transforms everyone and everything

Besides the visual beauty and widespread excitement around us, we are reminded of how much we appreciate being part of a community. Whether its shopping for an elderly neighbour, sharing milk supplies or helping dig a strangers car out of snowy rut, we suddenly forget the self-imposed rules of busy lives that keep us to ourselves for for fear of our plans getting interrupted.

This January we had a glorious week of snow, and were sure to make the most of it. It was the first time both girls were big enough to enjoy toboganning and snowman building. Good thing we had the correct attire, we spent most of our days out there!

Here are some pics

Woodlands Park Hotel gardens

Katie's Mr Plod Snowman

Chloe enjoys a cup of hot chocolate after some serious tobogganing

Enjoying a swim... as you do in the snow!

Dora the explorer