Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A hike at Box Hill

Spring has sprung this week and despite Katherine's out-of-action foot we decided to take the kids to do the stepping stones hike at Box Hill. Obviously we didnt think things through very carefully because climbing a mountain edge with each girl in a backpack is no mean feat! Luke and I have both been rather stiff ever since ...

Anyway, Box Hill is an absolute gem, a mixture of woodland and downland landscape with one of the prettiest views in Surrey IMO. In the lovely clear weather we could see about 30 miles across the countryside. The walk started at the top of the hill and took us down to the River Mole...

When we arrived at the stepping stones Katherines foot miraculously cured itself and she was able to cross them on her own, she had such fun!
Box Hill stepping stones

Reflections on the River Mole

My load was relieved on the way back up thank goodness!

Hopefully we can do a couple more of these hikes this summer!

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