Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shere Village, Surrey

Shere is an idyllic village in the heart of the Surrey Hills. Widely considered to be Surrey's most picturesque town, it can draw large crowds over the weekends and has been widely featured in movies such as The Holiday and Bridget Jones- Edge of Reason.

For families with little ones, its just the perfect place to go on a hot summers day for a paddle in the Tiling Bourne and to feed the ducks. The quaint old village shoppes are charming and not too different from a hundred years ago im sure! There's also a lovely 3 mile buggy friendly walk around the village and surrounding countryside which takes you past pretty cottages, breathtaking country landscapes, fishing ponds and a Silent Pool... and lots of fun swimming spots along the way. Here are some pics

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fishing in the Cotswolds

We had a lovely day out in the Cotswolds picnicking and fishing recently, here are some pics

The car even got lost in the gorgeous green grass!