Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Whiling Away the Wintery days

Think "Island Style" 

Zip up nice and warm

Take your pet pooch to training!

Become a Silhouette at Claremont Gardens

Hitch a ride at Piglets

Crazy biking!

Enjoying the sunshine

.. and a monkeys wedding

Finding a tree house

Being Fireman Sam

Katie and Max camping indoors

A muddy cycle through the Princes Coverts

Winter fun at Chessington

A mud to pub hike in Cobham

3YO Adrenaline Junkie!! 

Katie @ gymnastics

Walking the Kingston Skyway 

Biking again!

Jumping in Muddy Puddle bliss 

Feeding the feathery friends

Just 2 princesses, hanging ...

Walking and talking ... 

1 comment:

  1. Aww! Look at these cuties, so adorable. I think it’s time I should plan a getaway with my family. I have shortlisted some of the LA event venues for kid’s enjoyment. I am looking for a place where there are good water activities and good food.