Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rainbow Pancakes

Little Katherine is into rainbows at the moment ... she walks around the house singing "Rainbow, rainbow, its a rainy sunny day"
So much to her glee, with the snow blizzard leaving us housebound this morning, we decided to make some rainbow pancakes. 

This is how they turned out ...
A rainbow pancake with banana clouds

Heres how we did it :)

First we made the batter, and divided it into 6 plates. We only used the 3 primary colours for food colouring so that the girls could have fun experimenting on making green, orange and purple 

Then i heated the stove, but added layers of each colour off the hot plate, so that the pancake cooked evenly. I added the layers following the shape of the pan from out to in (there might be a better way of doing this, as my first few didnt really work!!)
Another thing i learnt, once on the stove, its important not to let the batter over cook else it turns brown.

Lastly, the girls chopped up some bananas to make clouds, and we served them with maple syrup... mmmm they were actually delicious!

Happy little Cheflets

Now theres a way to spice up a snowy spring day!

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