Monday, 3 February 2014

Katies Princess & Pirate Party

Here are some pics from Katies Princess party. She is born at such a bad time of year in England that it all needed to be done indoors. The castle was made out of cardboard boxes (conveniently as we were moving house at the time!) Here is the link on how it was made ...A Princess Castle Party Prop

Tables were mostly done courtesy of Poundland , the balloon vases were just rolled up placemats! Gold plates were used as they were much cheaper than the disney princess plates

These party bags were made using coloured paper bags and princess upper body cutouts, they really came out nicely and were great fun to make

We used masks a decoration for the boys party packs

Everyone got into theme on this one!

This princess party prop was great for photos. It is made using a large blue table cloth and we printed the princesses using a website called You send them an image and the dimensions you want it in, and they send it back to you as an Adobe file split over the number of pages you requested. You then just tape them together like puzzle pieces.

This was a cupcake decorating table ....

And this was our Brave princess birthday girl :)