Saturday, 11 November 2017

Moana Party

Who doesn't like Moana, and the island/beach theme that follows from it is awesome!
We were spoilt for choice, heres how it unfolded...

As per usual, we made the giant colouring pics from and this year the birthday girl painted them entirely on her own in the school holidays. I went over the borders in a big black marker pen to neaten it all up

Undeniably the favourite food at the party was this Te Fiti Chocolate Lava fountain ..

Cupcakes options were fun for the theme - we had Moana rice paper characters printed & decorations were done by the kids as you can see!

 There was lots on the go at the craft station: heart of Te Fiti necklaces, Moana-themed glitter Tattoos and boat making crafts (followed by a boat race at the pool)

The boat race was a huge success, the kids put a lot of effort into making their creations and all actually made it across the pool in the end!

The Hei Hei was made with Paper Mache on a big balloon for the body, and decorated with feathers, coloured paper and balloons. The kids helped a lot with it - good thing about Hei Hei is he needs to looks distorted ;)  .

We made giant Moana boats for the kids to play in and hung a fabric in the corner as a make shift photo booth 

The cake was supposedly a wave :)

Party packs were simple ..

Making of the Bath Bombs was another activity done in the weeks before the part, they came out nicely and the kids loved playing with the mixture of coarse!

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