Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Chloe's Paw Patrol Pawty

Chloe's Paw Patrol Pawty

Since her 4th birthday has been in sight, Chloe has almost constantly been in character of Skye from Paw Patrol, so of course that was her chosen party theme. Well this was a little tricky as there is absolutely no merchandise for anything Paw Patrol in South Africa so we set about doing it ourselves and sure are glad for that!

The party was held at a ski slope, where they all went bum boarding - this was a great hit for the 4 year olds

As I always do for parties, the posters were colouring in pages that were just blown up using a great website called (previously i used BlockPoster but they now charge).
The kids painted the posters and went over them in thick black pens (to cover the out-of-lines bits, and they came out beautifully)

Centre Pieces were just prints of the dogs, laminated, cut-out, attached to kebab sticks and submerged in pots of play dough as an anchor!

The cake was very simple actually - besides the Skye topper! I made lots of butterflies and flowers to cover up my fondant wrinkles :)

The make-your-own bonewiches were a hit!

As was the dog food!

The kids loved the masks, and they kept them on for the whole party! I am including the jpgs in case you want to do the same

There are so many fun paw patrol pics out there, i made these Kit kat wrappers using Royal pups pics, which Chloe loved!

And that was that, the Paw Patrol Pawty was great fun!

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