Thursday, 17 October 2013

Make Your Own Fun Gifts for Teachers :)

It is with both excitement and sadness that we are deep in the throws of moving country at the moment, with the house furniture packed up & floating somewhere in the Atlantic as we answer Africa's beckoning call home! So sadly tomorrow is Katies last day at nursery. I wanted to give her dear teachers something with a bit of "colourful us" thrown in, so after buying a load of pencils and glue at Poundland, heres what we came up with .. stationary cups/ vases made out of pencils!

Right now to make these you will need the following ...

Wrap a hairband elastic around the tin and start inserting pencils all the way around. Then glue each one together using superglue or a suitable wood glue.

Let dry and decorate as you please ...

I threw in some flower pots on top to raise the vibrance a notch higher even :)

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