Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Grocer Store for an Enthusiastic Shop Keeper

For a long while now, Katie has desperately wanted a toy shop and she is always moving the furniture round so as to make herself a store window counter for her little toy cash register. A few weeks ago we visited some friends who had a wooden toy grocer stall which cost them over £90, and though this was a great hit with the little ones, it got me thinking that surely with a bit of imagination we can do it a lot cheaper.

And so we made one...

Firstly, i bought an old tea trolley on eBay for £3 -->

Then i wrapped a cardboard box in candy striped wall paper and and cut it to look like a canvas roof. I also used sticks inside as reinforcement to stop it folding.

I then tied 4 sticks to each of the frame legs and settled the box on top .... and voila, we have a very happy shop Keeper!

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