Monday, 8 October 2012

Peppa Pig World ... oinkl!

I once vowed never to let that ugly pig and her snorting family into my house, but here I am writing an appraising post about the Peppa Pig theme park... haha never say never!

Anyway, much the Katherine's glee, Arabella decided to celebrate her 3rd birthday party with us at Peppa Pig world in Hampshire last week. Despite the hour long trip to get there, and speeding fine i got on the way!! it was a magical day out for the kids! A lot of thought and imagination has gone into the amusement park and it really felt like we were in the cartoon itself when we were there. The girls- as you can see- were ecstatic- and loved every minute of it. Luckily it was sunny, but off season, so there were short queues, my only complaint was about the all seemingly shoddy restaurants. The best fun was probably at the muddy puddle water works land .. and boy did they get wet!!

Here are a few pics

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