Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cycling in Great Windsor Park

Today we hitched the bikes onto the car and headed to Great Windsor park for a picnic and cycle with the Venters and Coopers. It was a lovely day and the cycle around the lake and park was quite magnificent. We started at Virginia water entrance and had our picnic amongst the ruins of the city imported from North Africa. The kids discovered some sand to play in which i hope werent part of the ruins!! We then cycled across and around the lake passing the Polo players, giant waterfall, grotto, obelisk and totem pole. Great Windsor park is 4200 acres to put it in perspective, we covered quite a bit of ground! We ended it off with a yummy ice cream, & Chloes first, which she gobbled up in seconds sans... ice cream headache. She is most definitely daughter of The Hoover!!

Me and my homies, enjoying the picturesque setting

Katie watches the world go by ...

Kids having fun in the sand at the village ruins

Livy enjoys her well deserved ice cream

The great Canadian Totem Pole

Katie admires the totem pole

Now you're talking!!

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