Sunday, 13 November 2011

Make way for Noddy Party!

Wow where did that second year go!! Its amazing how time goes so slowly when youre pregnant and when babies are young and calm in the run up to their first year. Then suddenly they explode into little bundles of energy and similarly time flies along with them...

Anyway, as you would surely have realised by now figure Katherine has just turned 2. The invite perfectly summed up Katie as a "1 going on 2" year old ... a dolphin-mad, Bubboo-mad and Noddy-mad happy choppy!

Of course theres no denying I loved the theme, Noddy was actually my hero as a young kid too. I still distinctly remember my Noddy bedroom and duvet set that my mother diligently sewed up for me (my how the tables have turned!)

Anyway enough jibber jabber, moving onto the decorations.... Poundland kindly made this whole party feasible for me with the enormous Noddy posters they sell. I quite literally used them for everything :)

First one is here at the entrance of the party venue ...

Then here they are chopped up as centrepieces with brightly coloured balloons, and table cloth labels ...

And the party packs were as follows ...

Here are some cupcakes with the Noddy characters as rice paper toppers

Not to forget the large Dolphin cake with Rainbow jelly as requested by the Birthday Girl!!

The cake was modelled using Rice Crispy Treats and covered in fondant

Here is how the Jelly part came out ...

Here are some cakes with Noddy drawn by stencil using chocolate sprinkles

And lastly my favourite .... here is the look on the birthday girls face when she saw all the decorations :)

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