Thursday, 29 September 2011

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

The Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens is our favourite city destination when the sun is out brut force. Its the most incredible playground, with something for kids of all ages, and plenty of stimulating things to get little imaginations running wild.

The best part is the enormous beach upon which the gigantic pirate ship sits with climbable crows nest and portholes. Scattered around it are smaller pirate ships that swing, rock or are just there for make believe play. A water feature amongst the beach boulders keeps little toes cool in the summer sun.

Around this main feature are lots of little play areas including swings, seesaws, a very cool musical garden, lawns, wooden climbing sculptures, slides, walkways and wigwams. At the entrance is a small cafe and clean toilets.

The park has a main controlled gate so numbers are monitored at all times and only folk with kids are allowed in. The park does get full and once I managed to lose Katherine there (despite all the security, my heart skipped!!). I climbed the crows nest on the pirate ship with Chloe in one arm (much to the onlooking parents horror) but to no avail. Eventually i found her waiting at the pram, thank goodness she has some sense!

Oh well, back to the point, all in all highly recommended, its a kids dream!

The Main Pirate Ship

Captain Katie

A rocking pirate ship

Teepees for two please

The Musical park

Chloe at 2 weeks

Awesome tunnels  that go through hills

Feeding ducks afterwards at the Serpentine

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